Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service celebrated the achievements of its staff at its annual Excellence Awards, held in Huntingdon on January 25.

The awards were dished out to employees for their accomplishments in 2023, as well as to retired employees and leavers who had served in Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service for at least 25 years.

The awards were hosted by Chief Fire Officer Chris Strickland, with Assistant Chief Fire Officer Jon Anderson, Deputy Chief Executive Matthew Warren, and Head of Media and Communication Hayley Douglas.

There were five awards presented throughout the evening to the 160 guests. They were the Long Service and Good Conduct medals, the Long Service presentations, the Fire Authority Chair's Awards, the Excellence Awards and the Silver Axe presentation.

Chief Fire Officer, Chris Strickland, said: "Our annual awards event is always one of my yearly highlights, as it gives us the opportunity to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our staff."

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The winners of the awards are from all corners of Cambridgeshire. 

Some of the recipients for the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, which is awarded for 20 years' of meritorious service, include Crew Commander Andrew Boughen (Littleport Fire Station) and Crew Commander Graham Duff (Yaxley Fire Station).

Among the many winners across the night were:

Nicola Elliott, a Training Centre Coordinator in Huntingdon, was awarded in the Long Service presentation for 20 years' service.

Scott Newbon, who works at Wisbech Fire Station, was awarded for 30 years' service.

Andy Titmuss from Wisbech Fire Station was awarded the Fire Authority's Chair Award for having completed at least 25 years' service.

Chris Harrold, who works at March Fire Station, won an Excellence Award after he was nominated for his "excellent response" to an incident which raised safeguarding concerns about a child.

On-call firefighter, Aaron Butler, from Ely Fire Station, was awarded the Silver Axe Award for being a stand out recruit in his training.