A Moment in Time: Brian Storey sent us this photo of the Abbotsley cricket team which he believes was taken in 1912.

Brian says: "It was taken on the Abbotsley cricket field and the captain (centre, holding his bat) is John Wooley who was a well known local farmer.

"Sitting to the left of him, holding his cap, is Edward Banks Cade who with his wife Phyliss were the proprietors of the Plough pub which stood on the village green.

"He also was the village carpenter and acted as undertaker as well. His sister Maud with her husband George Storey ran the village stores which adjoined the Plough.

"The distinguished man to the left of the picture is believed to be the vicar, the Reverend Lawrence,  who served in the village for 12 years before moving in 1913 to  a new position in Spa in Belgium.

"It is possible that other faces in the photo are Harry Webb and Arthur Cade and it would be great if any readers could identify  them or other members of the team.

"It is poignant to think that in another few years some of these young men would have been serving in the First World War."