New research has revealed the worst places in Cambridgeshire to leave your bike. 

Thighs Club, a cycling coaching programme, has collated data from Crime Rate to put together the list.

It has revealed that there was an overall average bike theft rate of 2.61 per 1,000 people in Cambridgeshire in 2022.

The list has revealed that the worst place to leave your bike in Cambridgeshire is Cambridge itself, which may come as no surprise due to the sheer number of cyclists in the city.

A concerning 1,151 reported bike thefts occurred in Cambridge.

A second city followed behind Cambridge in the ranking, with 643 reported bike thefts taking place in Peterborough.

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However, the numbers take a big drop following the two cities. Huntingdon is the third bike theft hotspot, with 70 reported bike thefts taking place in the area.

The numbers continue to dwindle down after Huntingdon, with areas including Orton Longueville only reporting 17 bike thefts.

From there, Yaxley, Littleport, Ely, Bretton, Wisbech, Orton Longueville and Hampton Hargate and Vale follow behind. A full list with figures is down below.

The Hunts Post: A list of the worst places to leave your bike in Cambridgeshire. (Credit: Thighs Club / Crime Rate)A list of the worst places to leave your bike in Cambridgeshire. (Credit: Thighs Club / Crime Rate) (Image: Thighs Club / Crime Rate)

Thighs Club have also put together a list of the safest places to leave your bike in Cambridgeshire, as per data from Crime Rate.

Both Ramsey and Soham had zero reported bike thefts, and Chatteris only had two.

St Neots and St Ives have also been named as some of the safest areas in Cambridgeshire to leave a bike.

The Hunts Post:

Alex Dowsett, former British cyclist and founder of Thighs Club, said that the bicycle theft rate in Cambridgeshire is "truly disheartening".

He has issued advice to Cambridgeshire cyclists on how to keep their bikes safe:

"Invest in quality locks, including a sturdy U-lock paired with a cable for securing both wheels and the frame. Register your bike on databases like BikeRegister and Immobilise.

"Don't leave it unattended for long stretches. And check if your home insurance covers bicycle theft."