Concerned residents in St Ives have contacted The Hunts Post about their fears of a potential flood risk.

Neighbours in West Street, Nader Khalifa and Simon Camps, said the flood gates at The Waits remain open - despite the River Great Ouse now breaching its bank in the town.

He said on Wednesday: "We are at risk of flooding. Those gates were shut with the river well below that level in 2020 when it hit record levels (1.58m) at the St Ives River Gauge. 

"Those barriers are all that’s between many houses flooding around The Waits, Broadway and West / East Street and possibly further. This is fairly terrifying."

"We are rapidly approaching that level now and there have been national articles in the last week about flood assets being run down, along with the Environment Agency." 

He added that the local flooding group head has been in contact with the Environment Agency today about the issue. 

"It’s bombing it down in Bedfordshire this afternoon so there is a real risk right now," she said.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “The flood gates at St Ives are closed in stages once the river has reached a certain level.

“The first stage of gates were closed on Wednesday morning and the second stage gates – including those at the Waits - were closed on Wednesday afternoon.”