A woman was arrested on suspicion of child neglect after a screaming child wearing just a nappy and carrying a phone banged on an off-duty police officer’s door in Huntingdonshire at 2.30am.

The incident happened on Friday morning when a woman was woken up by a young boy screaming and banging on her door in Buckden.

The woman turned out to be an off-duty police officer, who called Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

The child was wearing just a nappy but had a phone in his hand, which was traced to a house half a mile away.

Officers visited the house and arrested a woman on suspicion of child neglect.

“Thanks to officers from our Child Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit (CAISU), the young boy has been temporarily placed in police protection and is in a safer environment while investigations continue,” said a police spokesperson.

“A lot of the work from our CAISU team is sensitive in nature and difficult to share, but examples like this highlight work that goes on behind the scenes and helps highlight our commitment to protecting children – a force priority.

“Not every child will be looking forward to Christmas. “Do you have concerns about a child? You don’t have to be sure, but one call or report could change or even save a life.

“All reports can be made in confidence and done anonymously.

“For more information and advice on child protection, including how to report concerns, see our dedicated web page: https://orlo.uk/Child-Protection_adHNi