The St Ives car trap has been the inspiration of a limited edition watercolour painting by a Cambridgeshire based artist.  

Anna Anderson has released the artwork to raise funds for SERV Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, a charity more widely known as the Bloodrunners.  

Anna said: “I am currently working on a series of paintings of local landmarks in Cambridgeshire.  

“The majority are of pretty market towns. 

“I asked residents in the St Ives Facebook group what they would like me to paint from their area, and the car trap was a popular ‘tongue and cheek’ suggestion. 

“I thought why not also use this as an opportunity to raise money for the Bloodrunners. 

“Their volunteers do a very important job supporting the NHS and they need the donations.” 

The Hunts Post: Anna Anderson's watercolour of the St Ives car trap.Anna Anderson's watercolour of the St Ives car trap. (Image: Anna Anderson)The original and prints of the car trap painting are available to buy.  

The original is available mounted and framed for £150. All the money from its sale will go to the charity. 

Fifty limited edition prints are available at £30 each, of which £5 will be donated. 

Anna explained her paintings usually take between two and three weeks to complete.  

With the car trap, she initially worked from photographs and sketches to create the artwork.  

The car caught in the trap - which is located in Harrison Way and Station Road - is a fictional vehicle and its red colour represents the work of the Bloodrunners.  

Other details incorporated include the signs and alternative colour of the road leading up to the trap.  

“I just want to make clear that no cars were harmed in the making of the car trap painting,” Anna clarified.  

The Hunts Post: Anna Anderson's most recent release is this watercolour of Kimbolton Castle.Anna Anderson's most recent release is this watercolour of Kimbolton Castle. (Image: Anna Anderson)Her most recently released watercolour painting is of Kimbolton Castle and £5 from every print sale will go towards the The William Templeton Foundation for Young People's Mental Health. 

William Templeton was a pupil at Kimbolton School and his parents set up the foundation in his memory.  

To view, and purchase, Anna’s artwork visit her website