I find myself compelled to write to you, not about some high-speed, tyre-squealing supercar adventure, but about a mystery closer to home - the baffling case of Hunting petrol prices.  

You see, when I'm not thundering down a racetrack, I occasionally refuel my car like a normal human being.

And I've noticed something peculiar. Why, oh why, is petrol in Huntingdon more expensive than a cold pint on a hot day? We're paying 10 to 15 pence more per litre than our neighbours in St Neots or Peterborough!

There, it's around £1.44 per litre, but here in Huntingdon, it's as if we're filling our tanks with liquid gold at £1.57 per litre.

Now, I don't claim to be an economist - I'm more familiar with horsepower than fiscal policy - but this price gap is wider than the Grand Canyon. 

What could possibly be the reason? Are our petrol pumps dispensing a secret elixir of youth?

Is there a hidden tax for living in this lovely part of the world that I wasn't aware of?

I think it's high time we got some answers. It's not like we're asking why the chicken crossed the road; this is real money from real wallets of real people. 

So, to the lords of the local petrol stations and those in the know, enlighten us, please.

Are we paying for premium air with our fuel, or is there a more logical explanation?

I eagerly await a response, hopefully before my next trip to the pumps. Maybe I'll discover that we're actually filling our cars with champagne. That would explain a lot. 

Yours in high-octane confusion, 

Dan Bass