The Hunts Post readers and road users have revealed what they believe are the most dangerous road junctions in Huntingdonshire.

Some of the district's roads are notoriously risky and treacherous, with many readers highlighting the accidents and collisions that have taken place on some of them.

One reader commented: "There are too many to choose from."

We have highlighted the most frequent suggestions and exactly why readers believe they are so dangerous. 

Look at where the most dangerous road junctions are according to readers on our map below!

The B1040 Crossroads at Wheatsheaf Road/Somersham Road 

The Hunts Post: Council bosses said the road was the worst in the district for accidents back in 2021.Council bosses said the road was the worst in the district for accidents back in 2021. (Image: 2023 Google)

An overwhelming number of comments and likes on Facebook were directed towards the B1040 Crossroads, situated on the Wheatsheaf Road/Somersham Road/Bluntisham Heath Road between Somersham and St Ives.

The road was described as "literally deadly" by one reader, and another reader said that they had "witnessed so many close calls" at the junction.

A third reader said: "So dangerous, and multiple deaths," referring to the fatal minibus crash in which three people died after the minibus driver failed to give way at the junction in November 2019.

The Hunts Post: The crash scene on the B1040 Somersham Road in November 2019, which claimed three lives.The crash scene on the B1040 Somersham Road in November 2019, which claimed three lives. (Image: PA Wire)

A further death at the B1040 junction also happened in October 2020 after a serious collision involving a car and a HGV, and other non-fatal accidents have been reported.


Following the accidents, an allocation of up to £500,000 was approved by Huntingdonshire District Council and awarded to Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) in March 2021 to deliver the "Wheatsheaf Road/Somersham Road, St Ives Accident Reduction Scheme".

The notorious junction had been earmarked for either traffic lights, a roundabout, or to have a staggered system to prevent people from pulling out dangerously, but improvements are yet to be made.

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An extension time was agreed upon until March 2024, and a spokesperson for CCC said: "This item [B1040 road improvements] is going to the Highways and Transport Committee next month (December 5), and the papers will be published on November 27."

A1 slip road - Little Paxton

The Hunts Post: One reader described the slip road as deadly.One reader described the slip road as deadly. (Image: 2023 Google)

The A1 slip road going southbound from Little Paxton was also heavily suggested by readers as being the most dangerous junction in the district.

As the Great North Road curves around, it eventually turns to the A1 slip road, which readers complained is too short.

One reader described it as "deadly" and "it is too short to get enough speed to get out."

The road curves around gradually, which forces drivers to slow their speed with minimal time to regain enough speed on the short stretch to enter the busy A1, with cars reaching high speeds, making it a hazardous junction to enter from.

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Another reader added: "I so agree, it needs to be made longer or close it altogether."

Buckden Roundabout

The Hunts Post: Buckden roundabout was the most suggested roundabout by readers.Buckden roundabout was the most suggested roundabout by readers. (Image: 2023 Google)

Readers singled out Buckden's roundabout as the most dangerous roundabout in the district.

One reader describes cars as "flying down the A1 at you", with the roundabout conjoining the A1 and allowing cars to enter from Perry Road to Buckden.

Some drivers fail to anticipate the roundabout quickly enough and don't reduce their high speeds appropriately when approaching the junction.

One reader said: "Where I see the most careless driving is the Buckden roundabout."

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Dishonourable mentions

The Hunts Post: Marsh Lane in Hemingford Grey, at the junction with London Road, was another popular pick amongst readers.Marsh Lane in Hemingford Grey, at the junction with London Road, was another popular pick amongst readers. (Image: 2023 Google)

Several other junctions were suggested as the most dangerous, including Marsh Lane in Hemingford Grey.

Turning onto the fast London Road, drivers struggle with minimal visibility and time given to pull out due to the curved road.

The A14 and A1307 Roundabouts were also put forward with readers saying, "No one knows which lane to get in", and "I've seen so many near misses though."

A428 junction at Eltisley, A14 turning a Leighton Bromswold, the "blind" Ambury Road junction with Avenue Road in Huntingdon and Sallowbush into Coneygear in Huntington were also highlighted as dangerous junctions by readers.

What do you think? Have we missed any dangerous road junctions you believe should be on the list? Let us know by emailing