Little Paxton Parish Council has installed a permanent speed indicator sign on the Great North Road opposite the Co-op Food Store in Little Paxton.

The speed limit on the slip road from the A1 into the village is 40mph. The sign will flash when a vehicle’s speed is over the limit and will show an angry red face to reminder drivers to slow down.

The sign will then show a smiley face when the speed is reduced.

The sign is one of the measures the parish council has instigated to improve safety for pedestrians who are crossing the Great North Road to access the Co-op Food Store on the outskirts of the village.

Cllr Kathy Bishop, chair of the council, said: "The sign is an additional reminder to drivers to slow down as they approach the village.

"The speed indicator sign has a data collection facility and this records the number of vehicles and their speeds. In the past seven days 30,816 vehicles travelled across this section of the Great North Road."