A group of Huntingdonshire parents are raising money for a school hall's 40-year old curtains to be replaced.

The PTA group at Priory Park Infant School in St Neots have launched a GoFundMe with a target of £3,000. So far, more than £300 has been raised.

Rebecca Goodman of the PTA said: "It's time to say goodbye to our beloved 1980s curtains in the Priory Infant School hall.

"Curtains of this size which comply with fire regulations cost thousands of pounds which a school budget does not allow for.

The Hunts Post: The curtains in the Priory Infant School hall are from the 1980s.The curtains in the Priory Infant School hall are from the 1980s. (Image: Rebecca Goodman)

"Please help us raise some money towards new ones and as we don't want them ending up in the dustbin."

Co-chair of the PTA, Emma Page, said: “It’s been a long time coming and the curtains are well in need of being replaced. 

“It’s just one thing that the school doesn’t have a budget for, so we’re stepping in to raise these much-needed funds in a fun way.

“As we don’t want the fabric to go to waste, to thank those who donate we’ll also be giving them some special gifts made from the old curtains!

“We’re also excited to hear stories from former students of the infants school and their memories of being in the hall.”

To thank people for donating, the PTA is offering:

  • A patch of fabric (for donations of £1+)
  • A framed square (for donations of £10+)
  • A length of bunting (for donations of £20+)
  • A cushion made by Upholstery Rhi-imagined (for donations of £100+)

Rebecca added: "Don't miss out on your chance to own a piece of Priory's history." 

Donate via www.gofundme.com/f/new-school-curtains