A business owner from St Neots has partnered up with a fellow local business to grow visibility through the world’s biggest search platform, Google. 

Sam Wilson's business, Gadget GoGo, now ranks higher up the pages on Google than all of the big tech giants.

To do this, Sam reached out to Carl Darnell, founder of boutique digital marketing agency crdone, in the hope that Carl and his team could assist hm with his mission of finding a way to market and compete with bigger and more established tech businesses. 

Carl said: “When Sam originally got in touch, we weren’t afraid of the big task at hand, we were excited and felt we had a BIG mission to achieve. 

“When carrying out our initial research, we identified opportunities that Sam’s competitors were missing out on. 

“These opportunities helped us create a long-term strategic marketing plan that would ensure Gadget GoGo could and would compete head-to-head with the tech giants of the world, particularly through Google’s search rankings. 

Within six months, crdone grew Gadget GoGo's audience of professional customers, and went from 100 visitors per month on their website to 1,000. 

Two years down the line, there are now 25,000 visitors on their website every month, and over 65 per cent of their orders now come through Google. 

Sam said: “I never thought we could compete with the likes of Apple or MusicMagpie. 

“Our initial goal was to get some visibility on Google for relevant searches and we achieved that within months. 

“We’ve kept on going and now we appear about all the major competitiors for some of the most search queries around selling your gadgets.! 

Sam added that the work that Carl and the team have done has “truly revolutionised” his business. 

“We’ve increased our turnover exponentially, had to move from my shed to a bigger premises and are now looking to employ a team to help keep up with demand,” he said. 

“The best thing is that despite the hard work, the team have not taken their foot off the gas and are still driving results every month!” 

To find out more visit www.crdone.digital and www.gadgetgogo.co.uk.