The pupils of Middlefield Primary Academy have celebrated Apple Day by making apple juice.

The children of the Eynesbury school made their apple juice using apples grown in their school orchard and apples donated by the community.

They washed, cut, crushed, and pressed the apples before having a taste test at the end of the process.

A representative from the school said: “The children have thoroughly enjoyed it, many of them saying it was ‘delicious’, ‘so fresh’, ‘sweet’, ‘tastes just like our snack apples’ and ‘much nicer than the apple juice from the shops’.

“Even the most reluctant children tried some after seeing and hearing their friends' reactions."

"The day went down so well, a child in Year 2 suggested that the school should have an after-school apple festival next year.

"They would like to make and sell the juice to raise money for more apple trees to be planted in the school orchard. More apples would mean more juice and the bees will be busy too.”