Platinum award for school’s green initiatives including planting 150 new trees.

The Woodland Trust has awarded Middlefield Primary Academy in St Neots a prestigious platinum award for their green activities.

Over the last seven years, Middlefield has planted more than 150 new trees in the school grounds, created a designated Forest School area and a woodland adventure trail.

A Green Tree Schools initiative, which has seen more than 12,000 schools sign up since it was launched in 2008 offers the opportunity to bring the great outdoors, wildlife and green issues into the classroom.

Gemma Jarvis, Forest School leader at the academy said: “We are delighted to receive this award, the children are continuously enthusiastic about taking part in outdoor. We have thoroughly enjoyed the projects over the years, we have created, protected and restored the natural environment here at Middlefield.

“Many children have been inspired and motivated by the projects at school, so much so that they have been taking part in them during their home learning.

“We will continue to use the Woodland Trust resources to further develop our outdoor environment and learning opportunities.”