Fans of the old Megatron restaurant in Alconbury are being urged to share their memories of the iconic flying saucer-shaped building.

Two Cambridgeshire filmmakers are passionate about keeping its memory alive with a documentary.

Tony Conn and Paul Satchell are on the lookout for enthusiasts, as well as members of staff and customers, of the building that opened in 1990 but was demolished less than 20 years later in 2008.

The brainchild of local businessman, Danny Blundell, the dream was for the Megraton to be first of a franchise.

Special effects experts installed innovative touchscreen computers for people to make their orders, while there were regular laser shows and a cast of performers playing robots and aliens.

The Hunts Post: The interior of the Megatron at Alconbury which was later taken over by McDonalds.The interior of the Megatron at Alconbury which was later taken over by McDonalds. (Image: HUNTS POST)

Unfortunately, in 1993, the business was forced to close and McDonald’s took on the running of the UFO-inspired building, making it the only space-themed McDonald’s on the planet – an honour now held by a restaurant in Roswell, New Mexico.

The Hunts Post: The building was demolished in 2008.The building was demolished in 2008. (Image: HUNTS POST)

Tony said: “The documentary will celebrate the vision of Blundell and the building designed by local architect, Graham Campbell, and all of the performers, and the staff who made the Megatron such an amazing experience.”

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