Your views on changes to the X5 bus service from St Neots to Cambridge

Stagecoach has replaced the X5 service to Cambridge. Picture: Archant/File

Stagecoach has replaced the X5 service to Cambridge. Picture: Archant/File - Credit: Archant

Stagecoach’s X5 service was replaced with a new 905 bus service on August 30 and Hunts Post readers tell us what they think.

There will be fewer stops in St Neots and journey times into Cambridge will be longer for many.

Here are some views from those who are using the service.

“It’s true that the route needed splitting so that we weren’t waiting for a bus from Oxford, but this is the worst route change yet. A friend tried to get the 3.30 from Cambridge - it was 20 minutes late and the then took two hours 20 minutes to get back to Eaton Socon. How can Stagecoach think this is an improvement?”

Val Dickinson


St Neots

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“The changes made to the X5 service is a disastrous turn of events. We have two new housing estates going up in St Neots with very little work on offer. People will be counting on getting to Cambridge in good time to start jobs, visit Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Why change something that appears to be working so well. My husband and I make good use of this service on a regular basis. If there was a train as a back up it might be a different kettle of fish.

Is there any hope of overturning this awful decision?”

Lynne Gough

St Neots

“Being a resident of St Neots for many years, I feel once again we have drawn the short straw. Our direct bus service to Cambridge has now turned into a nightmare for many people.

I feel sorry for the people who have to travel daily on this journey, but also for the folks who want to venture into Cambridge for shopping/pleasure. Do we not have any say in the alterations to this service? Going into Cambourne? I’m sure they already have a service that links them to Cambridge, going to the north of Cambridge, CRC and the Cambridge Science Park. Surely there are connections to get people there?

Why do we have to sacrifice our direct service, that up to now worked well? You know the saying, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it”

Daphne Turner

St Neots

“Absolutely crazy decision in a time, when we are trying to get people back to work using public transport, to then degrade the service and lengthen travel time.

To make it worse, no previous consultation. Madness.”

Margaret Parker

St Neots

“For some time now residents of Bedford and St Neots have deserved a regular, reliable commuter service to Cambridge.

Sadly, the 905 is not it. I have used the service this week and it is hugely disappointing. Buses are always late leaving Parkers’ Piece and this is unavoidable as the time-tabling is all wrong.

Only 50 minutes is allowed for the journey from St Neots to Cambridge – even when there is no traffic and no-one boards or disembarks between Love’s Farm and Parkside, the journey takes a minimum of an hour.

The journey time is at least 50 per cent more than on the X5 – and on one day it took two hours to get home. Drivers, stoic as ever, are doing their best with the ridiculously convoluted new route, but they have not been properly briefed and are relying on help to negotiate it – even the printed instructions they have been given are apparently wrong.

There has been a total lack of preparation by the management team of Stagecoach or an appreciation of what customers actually want.

I was very concerned to learn that some local stops are being taken out of service – I cannot see that any are superfluous. My local stop at the BP Garage in Eaton Socon serves those working at the Retail Park and nearby offices and if there is any suggestion that this will be removed I can assure Ms Hargreaves that there will be a huge backlash. One bright spot was the panel of Sir Tom Moore giving a thumbs-up on one of the buses. He’s a wonderful man, but we should not be having to employ the Dunkirk spirit in order to travel to work.”

Anne Maskell

Eaton Socon