Young entrepreneur turns his passion into profit-making business

Jordan Jones, from Muscle Monkey, in St Ives.

Jordan Jones, from Muscle Monkey, in St Ives. - Credit: Archant

From designing t-shirts with friends to being scouted by major sportswear brands, a former St Ivo School pupil has reached the heights of retail success at the age of 20.

Jordan Jones, of Swan Close, in St Ives started the business only two years ago with just four t-shirt designs to now grossing more profit in one month than in the whole of last year with his gym wear brand, Muscle Monkey.

“It is quite something that I have gone out on my own and now own a growing company. It is a nice feeling that even my friends and family cannot believe how big the brand has got in such a short time.”

The company started after Mr Jackson went to the Bodypower Expo, which caters for health and fitness enthusiasts, and saw chance to become a part of the up-and-coming market.

“I was walking around the expo in 2013 and thought this is something that I really want to do for myself.

“Business is always something that I have always been interested in and what I stopped playing football part time Muscle Monkey became my full time job.”

Last week Mr Jones returned from this year’s expo, at the NEC in Birmingham, where he had his own stand.

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“From where I started the brand two years ago it was amazing to see so many people walking around with my brand on and many more coming up and saying that I had was the best stall at the event.”

To help get his brand become visible to a wider audience Mr Jones has been approached by the clothing retailer Footasylum, which has stores throughout the UK.

“It is amazing that a big retailer like Footasylum and other people are looking at my brand and thinking there is potential in it for them to put it in their own stores.”

Despite the recognition from online and high street retailers Mr Jackson has decided that he would like to build the brand further through his own website.

“I have had a lot of interest from a number of chains that want to stock my brand but right now I want to concentrate on my online presence as I believe this is where I can grow the brand further.”

According to the Young Entrepreneur finalist at The Hunts Post Business Awards, the key to his success is knowing what the customer wants being putting himself in their shoes.

“It is all about positioning and thinking about what stuff I would wear. I also make sure that the clothes I sell are fashionable and functional