Worry over Hunts expansion

WHILE supporting any plans to help boost our national and local economy to get moving again, I must express concern at the possible effect of massive building projects on our town.

With the move to ease planning restrictions, it will not only help smooth the way to the possible 8,000 home project at Alconbury but also could support the 800 homes that will swamp and engulf Godmanchester.

Our mediaeval bridge is the only access to Huntingdon, and our town becomes gridlocked at the slightest problem on the A14, which is overloaded already. The bridge is now also heavily used by buses since the [Stagecoach] depot moved to St Ives.

In both of those cases they rely on the A14 and are proof that the proper infrastructure needs to be in place.

Now, more than ever, is the time for the A14 to be re-assessed with measures to stop Godmanchester being a main slip-road off the A14 to Huntingdon.


Huntingdonshire District Council

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