Working for an equal and tolerant society

AS the debate continues on the B&B owners who turned away a same sex couple after they had pre-booked a room, I want to say I agree with Alison Williams (B&B still a business, November 14) and disagree with Peter Brindley (Point of principle, November 21).

But there you go – we are all different and, even if you don’t agree with someone, you should respect their opinion and their way of life.

Our society is changing all the time. After years of having to hide who they are, and be made to feel ashamed of who they are, same sex couples don’t have to any more. Unless you go to certain establishments and are turned away because of that reason.

The world we now live in gives us all equal rights so that we are now all treated with the same respect.

So instead of creating barriers between people and bad feeling, our energy should be put into building a kinder community so that we can all prosper together, in an equal and tolerant society.


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