Wind power: no evidence of property price effect

TO Mrs Shauna Collins Rumbelow (Letters, November 17) and anyone else that wishes to bombard the public with propaganda, I retort that wind power is a clean, efficient and renewable energy source.

There is no solid evidence that wind farms affect the price of property negatively at all, and I would like to challenge her to prove me wrong.

Of course there is a chance an anti-wind group has just made this person up, in which case it would be a very sad and desperate thing to do. There is no mention of what this business is or what sort of impact on our rural areas it would have.

And, as for the constant bombardment of the senses, a modern wind turbine produces the same level of sound as a flowing stream 100m away – and she is from Essex, not exactly the quietest place on earth, so she should adjust rather quickly.

She is right that people are finding it difficult to sell their property at the moment, but I think it has more to do with us being at the tail end of a recession rather than turbines being built.

Developers are not specifically targeting our area: they are trying to build all over the country to meet the 30 per cent target given by the Government, but arrogant people with no knowledge of the matter are holding them back for no legitimate reason.

Finally, the reason not all wind farms are built off shore is because off-shore power is considerably more expensive to obtain, so building in land turbines is actually saving the taxpayer money.

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Alconbury Weston

Editor’s note: Readers can be assured that Mrs Rumbelow is a genuine correspondent, whether or not they sympathise with her views.