Wind energy - give our generation a chance

BEV Gray’s views on wind turbines (Letters, December 1) are outdated and ridiculous: modern turbines are far from inefficient.

It seems the information he has been given is 10 years out of date. New turbine designs are created all the time, quieter and more efficient then the last and, if he actually looked into it rather than copy and paste an article he found on Google, he would quickly realise that it is hard to find one power source that is not heavily subsidised by the Government.

All major power sources are massively subsidised, and most a lot more then wind energy!

Also I would like it to be known that I am very aware of the woolly hill wind farm proposal and I am in full support of it.

In reply to Mrs Malt I am not a spokesman for the industry: I am a 23-year-old mail sorter (and would be happy to meet this charming woman to prove it) trying to look out for my daughter’s future.

As for the headline on her letter, ‘Not as efficient as oil energy’, give it 20 years and wind power will be 100% more efficient than oil energy because quite simply there will be no oil left.

The point she seems to be missing is that my generation and my daughter’s generation are the ones that will be suffering because of her arrogance.

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Wind power, onshore or offshore, is by no means the absolute solution to the energy crisis, but it will play a major part in our struggle to become free of ever-dwindling supplies of fossil fuels.

People like her seem to be more concerned about aesthetics and imaginary medical conditions rather than the real issues. Her generation has had its turn and a fine mess it has made of it, so how about stepping down from their ever-so-high horse, stop whining and start thinking about the future, not how pretty their houses will be with a turbine in the distance.

Anyone who is undecided about wind energy should contact one of the turbine manufacturers: a lot of them offer tours to existing wind farms to put minds at ease about the propaganda these action groups spit at everyone.


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