Why was our MP giggling in important debate

WHEN I read that our MP Jonathan Djanogly was seen smirking and giggling during a House of Commons debate last Tuesday, about the funding regime for mesothelioma (asbestosis) victims, I thought surely the man who was at the centre of the expenses scandal a few years ago, as well as being accused of “spying” on local Conservatives, can’t have stooped so low?

But he did.

The Hansard records reveal that the MP for Warrington North, Helen Jones, raised a point of order, when, I quote: “Many (MPs) were dismayed by the conduct of the Minister, who giggled and grinned through descriptions of people dying of mesothelioma and what they suffered. I have to say that in almost 15 years in this House, I have never seen conduct that so demeans a Minister of the Crown and is so damaging to the reputation of the House. Is there anything that you can do to ensure that in future Ministers pay proper attention to such serious debates and conduct themselves as would be expected from a Member on the Treasury Bench?”

The Speaker offered Djanogly the opportunity to respond.

Again, Hansard reports: “Mr Djanogly indicated dissent”.

The Speaker then said: “No, he is not going to respond”.

Should anyone wish to see for themselves how our MP reacted, regardless of the circumstances, then the footage is widely available on the internet

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Should we be surprised then that people from all over the UK have been posting messages on Djanogly’s Facebook page? Or that almost as quick as the messages were being posted, someone was deleting them! Good job some of us took a screen shot to prove they existed.

By the time The Hunts Post hits the streets, I hope Mr Djanogly has had the decency to apologise not only to his fellow MPs, but especially to the thousands of people affected directly or indirectly by this debilitating condition.


Snowy Way