Why I started St Ives path petition

I HAVE not bothered to become embroiled in the tit-for-tat letters that have bounced around regarding the ‘footpath’ between Burstellars Green and Kingsbrook, in St Ives. To be honest, I am not interested in bitching or back-biting.

This issue seems to be causing some type of war in Kingsbrook. It has not done this in Laburnum Way or Burstellars. The people in these areas, mostly, had no idea about any plans to close this path.

I just noticed a card in the post office, and was told it was more or less a ‘fait accompli’.

My feelings as to whether this path should be closed or not are immaterial. The only relevant point is that it has been used as a footpath for over 40 years, and the closure and sell-off (which would give Mr Hookham a greatly extended garden, unless the council is intending to leave it as a wild/weed area, which I would love but which I doubt) have not been discussed in a democratic manner, and no notices were ever put up informing the voters and taxpayers of the proposal.

I believe we do still live in a democracy (just about) and so believe people should have their say. This is why I set up the petition that has now gone to Cambridgeshire County Council with the signatures of most of the people who live within this small area and those who will be directly affected by the closure.

All the rhetoric is by the by, but democracy should rule and as a free thinking independent person i will do what I can to make sure it does.


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