Who ordered branches clearance on Ramsey path?

WHOSE bright idea was it to clear overhanging branches from the path in Ramsey Town Cemetery?

I am referring to the path accessed by the little bridge on the footpath behind the Milifields playing field aka Queen Elizabeth II playing field.

This time of year it was a delight to walk along there submersed in the scent of the lilacs. Alas, no more.

Back in the winter a policy of indiscriminate cut and slash was carried out.

It was no fault of the labour used, which was offenders putting back into the community. They did a thorough job and stacked the dead material into a hedge.

The fault lies with the people in charge who had no knowledge or simply didn’t care what they ordered to be cut. Everything went including all the lilac.

Now instead of a fragrant pathway, we have a weed infested expanse of bare earth. Welt done!!! I accept that some of the overhanging branches prevented easy access but why oh why could not the work have been done sensitively and with due care for the trees now destroyed? Senseless waste!

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Brenda Staples