Who do you think you’re kidding over parking changes?

YOU have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at Huntingdonshire District Council’s increasingly cynical ways of squeezing extra cash out of hard-pressed residents – while doing its best to kill off our local shops and high streets.

First it raises car parking fees across the area, then it abolishes free parking in the Riverside Park at St Neots and, I noticed on a trip to St Ives, even has disabled drivers in its grasping sights.

Now it is casting its eyes on putting down more parking restrictions, as in double yellow lines, on roads throughout the district, including villages, via “decriminalisation of parking enforcement”.

Apparently the plan has the “overwhelming support of the public” – I’m betting that’s the handful who may have responded to consultation, or moaned about local issues, rather than majority of the tens of thousands living in Huntingdonshire district whose views haven’t been canvassed.

These measures will be enforced by busy body wardens in tax-payer funded camera cars.

Of course action needs to be taken to stop inconsiderate parking – but by the police, not by big brother councils eager to mug us for more cash.

As the district becomes covered in yellow lines, motorists caught by camera car spies will pay fines to HDC or be forced to use over priced HDC car parks.

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Stand by for a modern highway robbery - “park and deliver” - which would make Dick Turpin proud.

But, HDC’s council leader insists, without a hint of irony, that taking over parking enforcement isn’t intended as a “cash cow”

Who do you think you are kidding Cllr Ablewhite?


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