Where are Huntingdon runners for Olympic Torch?

I COULDN’T help but notice that out of the 10 people selected to carry the torch through Huntingdon, only four have any connection with Cambridgeshire, and only ONE with Huntingdon.

Not only do these ‘strangers’ have to run around a town they’ve probably never heard of before, but they have to do it wearing a suit more appropriate for the resident of a 19th century madhouse.

What a farce bringing a runner all the way from Bournemouth for a 300m run in a rural town in East Anglia. What great brain thought of that one?

Where are the are the local children and grown-up residents who are so enthusiastic? Somebody from The Papworth Trust? A local brownie or scout? What about one of the many people who give up their time in support of the many activities around the local area?

No wonder the whole thing is costing us a fortune.

I call humbug.


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