When do the clocks go back? Sunday at 2am

THE countdown to Christmas is well under way but first comes the day everyone looks forward to - the clocks going back and getting an extra hour in bed.

On Sunday (October 28) at 2am, the time goes back to 1am to give back the hour that was lost in March when British Summer Time began.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging residents to test smoke alarms at the same time as they turn back the clocks.

Andy Tucker, risk manager for the fire service, said: “Everyone soon notices when a clock stops ticking, but it’s not so easy

to be sure that your smoke alarm is still in working order. Whether the battery is flat, has been used for a kid’s toy or the connection is loose, everyone should take the time to test.

“You’re more than four times as likely to die in a fire without a working smoke alarm, but only half of people who own an alarm say they take the time to check it regularly.

“We’re all looking forward to getting that extra hour’s sleep at the end of British Summer Time, but knowing that your smoke alarm is in working order could help you sleep that little bit better. As you put your clocks back on October 28 or 29, remember to also push the button on your smoke alarm – it could save your life.”