What is the council plan for St Ives bus station?

I’D like to support the point made by Jane and Richard Waters of Time for Health in their letter, that St Ives’s bus services should no longer be pushed out of the bus station by market stalls on Bank Holiday Mondays. (This also applies to the week of the annual Michaelmas fun-fair, when the Monday general market moves into the bus station).

On a Bank Holiday Monday over 80 buses are timetabled to use the bus station (that’s a Sunday service with five buses an hour running to Cambridge and five towards Ramsey Road). On a normal Monday (when the Michaelmas fair is on) it’s worse still, with the market displacing over 100 departures.

Many more people are using the bus station now that the busway is open. Surely it needs to be for buses, not for markets. Could Huntingdonshire District Council, which manages the bus station and the markets, please let us know what its intentions are on this?



St Ives