What happened to St Ives Bank Holiday market?

I HAVE to write to say how disappointed I was to find that our local Bank Holiday Market was not in place in St Ives [on Easter Monday], as in the past few decades.

I drove into town, paid to park in the local council car park ... and then found fewer market stalls than on a normal every-week Monday.

Some stall holders indicated that the current market manager ‘could do better’. I heard also that the guided bus through town means no market stalls were allowed from Waitrose down to the road junction with Budgens.

The weather was damp and breezy, but not storms and gale-force wind: so was this to blame?

Were any of these enough to reduce our traditional market to a mere shadow of its usual self?

I felt most sorry to the charities who look to make an income these days. The cabin in Station Road must have had a disastrous day with no customers to buy their plants and enjoy their tea and bacon rolls with no market stalls nearby in the streets and market car park to attract passing customers.

Similarly the charity (CATS, I believe) that had control of parking on Slepe Hall field must have lost income as the town centre car parks were virtually empty, and so probably not looking to park there. I saw town centre shops also closing early – with no custom, why stay open?

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It is very sad that we seem to be losing a great asset to the town and local economy.


Broom Way

St Ives