What do I get for my Council Tax?

I WOULD like to ask a question, which I think the county council should be able to answer: why is my Council Tax so high?

My monthly payment is �101, which is much higher than my sister’s, who lives in a South Yorkshire town and has paid just �65 per month for the past three years, which is her good fortune.

My daughter has a nice flat in west London, for which she pays �91 per month.

They both have access to much more than I have to see and do. So I am at a loss to know what I actually get for my money. As far as I can see, all I get is my bins emptied.

We are losing our bus service later this month here in Alconbury, apparently as a result of the county council withdrawing subsidy from Stagecoach. Also, our street lights have been changed for economy reasons, leaving my home and others in darkness.

So, seeing what I don’t have, can someone tell me what I do have for my �1,012 this year?


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