Wetherspoon pub in St Ives would be a loony idea

AFTER reading about the proposed opening of a Wetherspoon pub on the site of the Warehouse Shop in St Ives (Hunts Post, June 19), to say I’m stunned is an understatement.

Don’t the lunatics at Huntingdonshire District Council who decide and approve these potty schemes realise that Wetherspoon in St Ives would completely kill off the remaining character of the town. It’s already bad enough that it’s swamped with hairdressers and barber shops, estate agents, charity shops and a vast array of grotty, undesirable fast food shops, and even a tattoo parlour now, that have ruined this historic market town and blighted the town landscape.

To add a Wetherspoon pub to this will be the beginning of the end for the town. Established historic local pubs like the White Hart, the Oliver Cromwell, Nelson’s Head, the Royal Oak and the Golden Lion would be under threat of closure from Wetherspoon taking trade away.

Having had the displeasure of visiting various Wetherspoons on my political travels around the country, I can attest to the negative impact these establishments have on towns. I’ve seen more atmosphere in a graveyard than in any Wetherspoon pub and the food on offer is of an appalling low quality and they sell alcohol at such ridiculously low prices that it actively encourages drunkeness and alcohol abuse.

If the Lunatics in their ivory tower at HDC can’t see the damage this proposed idea would bring to St Ives then they’re nothing but a bunch of seriously demented unofficial loony extremists who are far too loony even for the Loony Party.

I propose instead a Lyon’s Corner House Tea Room be built on the site of the Warehouse Shop which is far more civilised and in character with the town, with free fruitcake for all HDC councillors.


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