We will fight corner for 46 Alconburys service

THE 46 bus servicing the Alconburys and surrounding villages is under threat. As the local county councillors we strongly oppose any attempt to take away this service from what is a predominantly rural are without any form of replacement.

Last Tuesday, we organised a public meeting for residents to air their views. The best part of 300 people attended and left representatives of Stagecoach and the county council in no doubt about their feelings on the issue.

Without a bus service running through the villages there are groups of residents who would be left without any form of public transport. How will young people get to their place of employment or education? How will the elderly and infirm get to their medical appointments? How will people who rely on public transport be able to do their shopping?

The bus service is set to terminate on July 22 unless something can be done about it. Stagecoach refused to budge showing no flexibility whatsoever.

So what is the next step? We are determined to ensure that the Alconburys are served with a bus service that meets local needs. This may take time to organise but we will not let local people down. We will keep residents informed and discuss the various options available with parish councils and organisations. If you want to contact either of us our details are shown below.

We both believe that the removal of the bus service is another attack on the rural way of living and will fight the corner of local people.

In the meantime we would like to thank everyone for coming to the meeting – in spite of the obvious distraction of England playing Ukraine!

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