We wanted the cinema in St Neots but in the right place

IN reply to Joy Winter’s letter Wait goes on, when asked to sign her petition I believe the question was something like “do you support a cinema in St Neots”, which when asked I said I did but not on the old dump site.

Possibly less people might of signed if they had understood the location.

Also there may be five roads to get out of St Neots but there is only one exit from the cinema on Huntingdon Street which has two sets of traffic light close to the exit. Anyone trying to turn right could have a long wait a busy times. Just to make it a bit more difficulty on the master plan, half the length of the exit lane is designated as a delivery bay and as one can assume the restaurants and cinema will have daily deliveries so blocking part of the exit route. It will be interesting to see how the larger lorries will negotiate getting round the car park to get back on the road, or will they have to try to reverse out?

As I have said before, I whole heatedly support having a cinema back in St Neots but I still believe this is the wrong place for it.

And please don’t blame the people in East Street for this mess, surely it’s the people who put the foundation in the wrong place ... for what ever reason.


Eaton Ford