We don’t want pub with no beer

WE have told Tesco that we find it unbelievable that it should assume that the village of Somersham should need another retail outlet of this kind, as we already have three stores in the village, two within less than 150 metres of the proposed development.

We also find it difficult to understand that Tesco does not require planning permission for change of use: for instance, we will not be able to go in and have a pint and chat with friends or order a meal. English laws are strange things.

We made these following points: Has any thought been given to the overall effect it would have on the village? Tesco says that people walk or cycle to the shops. They don’t now, so why should they change? Is the “One Stop” not a part of the Tesco empire? If so will it close? What will then happen to the Post Office? What will happen to the other small stores and how will it affect the butchers and bakers/delicatessen?

We are concerned about the extra four or five vehicles a day. Are they certain about the size? The deliveries at One Stop are daily by very large lorries.

We have a wide range of charities in the village and many successful fundraising events. Tesco’s paragraph on his matter [in its letter to neighbours] smacks of bribery in order to appease those opposed to the plans. We are aware that this appears to be normal practice when making new developments, but it does not make it morally justifiable.

There are Tescos and other major supermarkets in St Ives, Huntingdon and Ramsey that are easily accessible.

As to the employment, how many others will lose their jobs and how many people will lose their livelihood or income because of the almost certain closure of other retail outlets?

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What the village really needs is a comfortable public house serving good reasonably priced food.

We feel strongly that the proposed development will have a very large detrimental affect on the life of this village. The letter suggests that we do not understand that the main reason is for pure monetary gain with little or no thought given to the community.


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