Was councillor actually at cinema meeting?

I ATTENDED the preliminary proposals for the new cinema at the Priory Centre last week.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but was Councillor Barry Chapman not elected to represent and voice the opinions of all of his constituents, whether or not they agree with his agenda?

You quoted him as saying: “There was a steady stream of about 200 people throughout the evening, and there was a lot of positive feedback.”

This would suggest that he was actually present at the meeting for the evening, when I and many others were at the exhibition for over two hours, wanting to know why our local councillor was not.

The overwhelming consensus among those present was one of huge concern about the proposed cinema complex, which is clearly far too big and unsuitable for the site in question.

The planned building is twice the size and height of Lidl (and much bigger than Councillor Chapman suggested while canvassing for votes) and situated just yards behind the oldest terraced Street in St Neots.

With refused car access from Lidl, all traffic would be through the small entrance in Huntingdon Street. The building would severely block the light from our houses, and be noisy (and smelly) until late seven days a week.

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He should ask himself how he would feel to have to keep his bedroom windows shut throughout the summer so he and his children were not kept awake until midnight every night. Not to mention that the children’s play area will now become a car park.

The cinema complex could be fantastic for St Neots, a real asset to our town. But it needs to be done properly, and on a site that is big enough to house it, not squeezed into the middle of a conservation area in the middle of town with very limited traffic access.

Is the council willing to push this through at all costs, even if it has major flaws?


East Street

St Neots