Vote for us

I WAS interested to read your letters page on October 31 - intrigued by the continued ‘omnishambles’ that seems to be the only consistent theme of the Cameron government.

Omnishambles seems to be an accurate description of this government’s police and crime commissioner election - an election unwanted by the people, using an electoral system very similar to that recently rejected by the people in a referendum and an election in which very few people seem inclined to participate.

The internal shambles in the Conservative Party seems further highlighted by the original Conservative candidate for Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner (John Pye) writing to tell readers not to vote Conservative.

I was, however, concerned by the letter from Bryn Havord, who suggests that UKIP does not have any original proposals. Rather than writing to The Hunts Post, I would suggest that Mr Havord’s time would be better spent reading our PCC manifesto at, where he will find very clear and consistent fresh thinking that provides many solutions to the difficult problems facing the police force, including the introduction of community-based police houses as well as radical increases in the number of front line officers and warranted special constables.

Criticise our party by all means, but please do it based on facts and with an informed opinion.

Councillor PETER REEVE

UKIP group leader Cambridgeshire County and Huntingdonshire District Councils