Volvo parking not all it seems

I READ with amusement the lengths people go to too get off paying a parking fine, when they are in the wrong (“Your car is too big,” The Hunts Post, June 29).

I was in that car park that Friday and commented to my friend how this car was abandoned rather than parked. How can this driver say his Volvo XC70 is two feet longer than the bay when the front of it was almost in the motorcycle bay?

It’s a standard size Volvo XC70 estate, no longer than any other Volvo XC70 estate: what planet is this driver from?

As a photographer myself, I notice your picture was taken at the rear of the car and not in the disabled bay. Perhaps if it had been taken squarely from the side and parked in the disabled bay it would have shown truly whether the car fits the bay or not.

Blue badge holders or not, they should try reading the car park notices for the rules and regulations of parking.


Tennyson Close

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