UFO sighting at Old Hurst

AT 11.30pm on March 19 over the north-east of Old Hurst, Huntingdonshire, my partner and I were walking our dog, when out of the range from a distance on a clear night and with no noise a seven-dotted orangey light formation flew over in the distance. It seemed also to have two fighter jet escorts.

The cluster of the lights suddenly swopped sides at fast precise timings to make a triangular shape, then changed shape to lining up themselves in a precise lined formation. But there was no noise in the distance nor cars around.

In Old Hurst, in the middle of the countryside, the sky is not obstructed by light pollution, and the moon was bright and the skies were clear on a frosty night.

Going back to the fighter jets, they left two tracks of condensed line of clouds at high altitude, but the other lights scattered across them were making bizarre lighted orangey dots, switching sides at quick passes, and some were joining together. But there were no flickers of aircraft lights on tail-planes in sight.

If anyone else in the vicinity has seen these lights in high altitude, they will confirm that I am not lying or making a hoax.


Old Hurst