Train company should help solve St Neots parking problems

I WOULD welcome some action, contracted out or otherwise, to the increasing problem of inconsiderate commuters either damaging the grass verges or leaving their cars in residential areas adjacent (within 10 minute walk) to the St Neots railway station.

While the action proposed by Councillor Jason Ablewhite would certainly help, it may be that the problem is just shunted increasingly further into the town as commuters accept a slightly longer walk to work.

We must not forget, however, that the nuisance is caused primarily by the gouging pricing policies adopted by a business that trades in our community – First Capital Connect. A year’s parking ticket at St Neots station is priced at £1,290 versus £825 at Huntingdon, £799 at Sandy or £698 at Biggleswade.

Should they not help solve the problem or have they not heard of corporate social responsibility?


Rowley Road

St Neots