Tory councillors working with firefighters’ unions

PLEASE set the record straight with regard to Councillor Heathcock’s comments regarding the fire authority (Letters, July 6).

I and my Conservative colleagues are very much involved with the difficult decisions that have to be made with regard to funding the fire service.

We are attending the induction meetings being arranged for us. In September we will be undertaking visits to fire stations to learn from our firefighters just how important they are to our everyday lives.

In particular, we are listening to and taking on board the representations received from the Fire Brigades Union and the Retained Firefighters’ Union.

Our aim is to keep a fire service that is capable of delivering the needs of Cambridgeshire. This can be achieved only by working together with the senior management team and the trade unions.

Comments such as those trumpeted by Councillor Heathcock are unworthy of a “senior member of the fire authority” and are patently untrue.

County Councillor Sir PETER BROWN

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Newly-appointed member

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Fire Authority

Hartford Road