Too many homes for Hunts

THE huge proposed development at RAF Alconbury will, in time, add 5,000 new homes to our housing stock. These are over and above previous plans.

If we look at what is currently planned: East of the railway line at St. Neots, say 4,500, St Ives West 500, West Huntingdon Area Action Plan, say 200 , RAF Brampton 400, Northbridge 1,050, Bearscroft Farm, Godmanchester, 800, California Road, Huntingdon (just north of the regional college), say 200.

This is far too many for this area on top of the Alconbury windfall. We must rationalise our development onto areas that do least damage.

The two areas that stand out to be released are Bearscroft Farm and California Road. Either of these sites would do huge damage to local communities. Neither is now needed.

It is up to the Conservative majority on Huntingdonshire District Council to stop them both.

District Councillor MIKE SHELLENS, Brampton

County Councillor GRAHAM WILSON, Godmanchester