Thicket thigh envy

EARLY on Sunday morning, I enjoyed a pleasant walk with my dogs along the improved Thicket pathway. The sun was shafting through the trees, while the birds sang in praise of a job well done. Unlike Lorna Watkins (Letters, April 17), I was barely aware of the safety posts.

I assume Lorna is not disabled, in a wheelchair, partially-sighted or pushing a buggy: otherwise she would appreciate what has been done. This great amenity is for everyone, not just the few.

Over time, the banks will green up to cover the evidence of trauma.

I hope Sustrans will fund a similar improvement to the right of way from the Thicket to Houghton, which is in the same state the Thicket [path] was before the upgrade. This might mean ‘more cyclists’ – so what?

I just hope Lorna will be able to take her eyes off their bulging thighs.


Hemingford Road

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