Thicket path at St Ives has been vastly improved

YOUR correspondent Lorna Watkins of Somersham referred to the new Thicket path as “a high-speed cycle path where ramblers are barely tolerated by the bulging-thighed lycra set.”

As two pensioners who have walked and cycled the Thicket path for nigh on 40 years we are certainly not part of that particular breed of cyclists. We have always respected the walkers, being walkers ourselves, and always slow down behind them and let them know that we are approaching.

The new surface has greatly improved the safety of cycling the path whereas in the past in places it was quite hazardous, particularly in wet weather, and there was always a danger of sliding off the edge of the path through the wooded area. The new path has made our cycle rides far smoother and we still enjoy the experience of cycling though the woods alongside the river and passing the time of day with other cyclists and walkers.

In addition to the work already carried out, the road from the end of the Thicket path through to Houghton village is in desperate need of attention, with potholes in many places.

This would then enhance the whole route from St Ives through to Houghton.

Mr and Mrs C S CAULKIN

Lancaster Drive

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