Thicket path a great improvement

CONTRARY to the views of Lorna Watkins (Letters, April 17) I would like to thank all concerned in the recent refurbishment of the Thicket path. Yes, the newly completed path will take time to blend in with its newly disturbed edges but let`s not be impatient: nature will take its course.

Regular users of this busy facility will know that it had degenerated considerably and was in urgent need of an upgrade along its entire length. The level of the path has been raised in places in order to make it an all-weather path, as previously it flooded during periods of high river levels. This has resulted in a more severe drop to the river side of the path, hence the reflector posts.

It is often difficult to reconcile the views of the various users of the path but, in my view, it is a considerable improvement. I look forward to Cambridgeshire County Council’s highways department completing the remaining length of the roadway (the Houghton end).


Victoria Crescent