They’ve bin good – credit to council for good service

I GUESS it’s all too easy to complain about the local services we take for granted. So I want to say how pleased I am with the services I recently received.

Unfortunately my green wheelie bin was missed for two collections in a row. I phoned Huntingdonshire District Council’s helpline and spoke to a lovely lady who apologised spoke for the error, offering to have my bin collect with the next two to three days. I declined as I did not want the refuse collection workers to make a special journey.

However, on the second occasion the bin was missed I phoned again and spoke to another helpful lady. This time I accepted the offer of having the bin collected as I was concerned about the food waste becoming attractive to flies and then producing the dreaded maggots (with the slight chance of warmer weather coming!)

Two days later my wheelie bin was collected which I am very pleased about. To go even better than that a lovely chap from HDC called round to check that my bin had been emptied. Wow! That is good service. Thank you.


Coldhams Crescent


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