The turning blades of time

SO, sandwiched as they are between the A14 and Molesworth air base, the residents of the picturesque villages of Molesworth and Bythorn are united in their objections to the construction of six wind turbines in Warren Lane (The Hunts Post, July 4).

I suppose this could be interpreted as the rotating propellers of World War II planes replaced by wind turbine blades creating their own mix of misery and renewable salvation.

As my wife and I stood outside the old Bythorn School the other week, while I reminisced over hot school dinners, Clack Lane, Charlie’s Shop, Bythorn Post Office and all things 1965, the westerly breeze of traffic noise and fumes were a constant interruption to my idyllic memories.

Perhaps the door of the empty stable cannot be closed.


(Bythorn School 1962-68)