The solution to St Neots parking is buses

YOUR article asks is there a solution to commuter parking at St Neots? (The Hunts Post, October 12). Yes there is, but you will have to hurry before the opportunity is lost.

For some commuters at St Neots there is an option to take the bus to the station, and it’s a lot cheaper too: �1.90 a day on the bus against �7.25 to park or �434 a year against �1,200. Add in petrol costs and people can save a fortune.

However, there is a problem: the county council is intending to cut all the early morning and evening buses in St Neots, not only making the bus useless for rail commuters, but also for those who work in town and wish to take the bus the work. Such action is short sighted.

Rather than cut the service, the county should be working with bus operators and First Capital Connect to promote and improve the service. Given the thousands of people that use the station each day, the bus service should become commercially viable.

A similar situation exists at Huntingdon, where there are plans to axe the evening 45 bus service to St Ives and the bus to Godmanchester.

County council strategy documents are full of worthy sentences about improving access and reducing car dependency, but at present these aspects are being totally ignored.


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