Tesco roundabout needs lane signs

I HAVE been in contact with the highways authority in Cambridge after I was forced off the road by another driver on the Tesco roundabout in Huntingdon. This was caused by the other driver using the right hand lane at the round about to go straight ahead towards St Peters Road.

A friend in the police recently told me that the Tesco roundabout causes lots of problems, because of impatient drivers using the incorrect lanes.

I have since contacted the highway authorities to suggest that they put up a sign on the roundabout telling drivers which lane they should be in, for example like the roundabout coming from the Ermine Business Park towards Huntingdon and the A14.

Many times have I been cut up by drivers who are too impatient to get in the left hand lane and wait.

The recent driver actually forced me to mount the kerb and cause damage to my tyre and alloy. I followed this guy and confronted him about his bad driving, and his smug attitude only pointed out he didn’t actually care about what he had done.

He clearly wasn’t worried about causing damage to my car and causing potential risk to pedestrians and other road users by almost causing an accident.

I know the highway authorities have to deal with other matters, such as pot holes for instance, but for me the lack of information on this roundabout telling drivers where they need to be could cause potential accidents.

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A simple sign could stop a lot of road users having the same problem as I had. This won’t stop every idiot on the road but may make a few think about what they are doing.


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