Tell us: Has HDC made a profit from paarking?

PARKING charges must be “reasonable”, local government minister Brandon Lewis recently said (July 22) after campaigners won a landmark High Court case against increased charges in Barnet.

Mr Lewis said: “This Government has been very clear that parking charges are not, and should not be, a town hall stealth tax on local residents.

“We have scrapped the Labour government’s guidance which pressured councils to hike up parking charges. Indeed, making sure that car parking charges are reasonable is an important way in which councils can help support their local high streets and local shops.”

Because of this I wonder whether over recent years Huntingdonshire District Council have made ‘a profit’ on car parks resulting in a ‘stealth tax’. I feel Councillor Nick Guyatt, the HDC councillor responsible for car parking, should come forward and highlight whether car parks in HDC control make a profit or just break even.

If not, I am sure our county newspaper will be keen to find out on behalf of their readership.


Dove House Close

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