Tea shop in Grafham maybe - but why there?

DOES Grafham need a tea shop? Possibly but definitely not where it has been given approval for! Why on earth HDC gave approval at the meeting on October 15 for this development to proceed at this location is beyond comprehension. Democracy in action or “the old boys network”? Your guess is as good as mine.

The location is totally inappropriate as it is much too close to a very dangerous junction on a sharp bend in the road. It will cause even greater danger to road users and seriously inconvenience those living nearby, probably even blight the the value of their homes.

For many years I cut the grass in Grafham churchyard but had to give it up due to poor health earlier this year. For all of those years the lawnmower was kept within the Old Forge (proposed development) and there is a small colony of bats in residence. This was pointed out to the planning committee in writing and personally by another resident, but it was totally ignored! I am sure the Environment Agency or responsible department would be interested in asking why.

As this development does not concern me personally it could hardly be described as the Nimby principle, but I am very concerned at the roughshod way HDC have treated this issue and it does seem to typify their attitude to outlying villages. I doubt very much the councillors know where Grafham is, never mind the proposed development.

I am given to understand that the plans were submitted too late for consideration by the Grafham Parish Council. How very convenient!

I spent several years as a district councillor in another part of the country, it seems nothing has changed, particularly in regard to planning issues, in spite of what Mr Cameron would have us believe!


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