Talking to clampers could have prevented tickets

I FEEL I must state a few facts about parking at the back of the BHF//Budgens car park in St Ives.

I also went on the Monday in question to take goods to the charity shop. Owing to the number of cars already parked, I had to park three deep. I noticed that there were two people writing down car numbers, so I informed them that I had things to drop off. I was told that there was not a problem.

They were polite and helpful, not in the slightest bit awkward, and I did not get a ticket.

Possibly the black and white ticketing as written about in your article could be avoided if people used a modicum of intelligence before abandoning their cars in, what is after all, a private car park, and then, the grey area might creep in.


Shakespeare Road

St Ives

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